Saturday, May 9, 2009


After about 3.5 months (roughly 110 hours) worth of painting it's finally finished:)  If you want to see the whole process from start to finish you can click the tab below that says  DUMB POLITICIAN PAINTING (IN PROGRESS).  

The last 22 hours I spent just bumping contrast, cooling and warming specific sections of the painting and re-rendering areas that bothered me.  

I should have prints available in a couple of weeks so if you're interested in scooping one up keep your eyes peeled!!


Uncle Allan said...

FINALLY!! Just kidding!! Good job maaaan! Looks awesome!

Monster Sid said...

thats fuckin great!
i wanted to ask you about this paint yesterday, but i forgot!
great great great work!


Fan-effin-tastic ! Awesome !! Will look really good in my factory ! Hurry up and send it !!

emil said...

fucken great dude!! suuuuper nice!

Anonymous said...

You're awesome, buddy. You might make it as an artist after all.

ltw2 said...

turned out awesome ...really liked watching the prosses